PTC ThingWorx Joins Forces With MK:Smart Project For IoT Applications


In a recent public statement, PTC announced that ThingWorx was planning to join MK:Smart project so that it could provide fast development for IoT applications. MK:Smart is a Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) smart-city initiative, which focuses on handling economic growth in Milton Keynes, UK. The total cost of this project comes around £16M, making it one of the most expensive initiatives taken in the recent past.


As part of this process, ThingWorx will provide services related to the fast development of IoT applications as an extra feature to MK data hub. Some of the well-known names associated as partners with this group include BT, UCMK (University Campus Milton Keynes) and Milton Keynes Council.

The MK data hub can be used as a platform to deliver services and apps, which can bring innovation and address various issues in a smart city. Large companies having proper resources in place can easily get benefited from data-driven innovation; however, the road isn’t that easy for new entrants. MK:Smart project targets such companies and helps them innovate in a hassle-free manner. SMEs using ThingWorx can enjoy its purpose-built IoT development environment for free and develop unique applications.

The training required to build applications with the help of ThingWorx is provided by a team of University Campus Milton Keynes, well-supported by InVMA and BT. All the partner organizations will continue to add new features in MK:Smart project to make it more user-friendly in the future.

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