Programme your Arduino, UDOO and Spark in Python; IoT and Cloud ready


Product Name: Viper

Location: New York, USA

If you could find typical features of your PC and mobile programming for your Arduino DUE, UDOO and Spark products like Core, Photon and Electron  and other such boards would it not make you happy? Well, Viper helps you do just that. It is a development suite which helps programme different boards in Python. Developed by a start-up team from US, Viper is a high level development suite for making products for IoT and cloud.

Key features:

  • It is compatible with all kinds of sensors and Kits and works across platforms.
  • It provides zero-install, browser-based development environment with library support for executing on any board.
  • Helps you build amazing installations in just a few clicks.
  • It includes portable Python 3.0 engine for the ease.

Use cases where Viper can be used:

  • Home safety system
  • Smart baby monitor
  • SmartPets
  • Daily life metronome

Viper APP:

Mobile is now the most common and generally accepted for any smart device to interact and interface with. Viper app acts as a ready to use interface for your Viper powered devices and projects. It seamlessly works with your mobile and tablet and is easy to use. Once the app is installed, it displays all the devices available on the network. You can decide which device to interface with. Viper apps work on HTML templates which you can edit through Viper IDE, thus integrating it into your Python scripts.


No separate code is needed for Android or iOS. Data exchanges between Viper powered objects and mobiles, with a choice of SMS and notification triggers.

The TOI Shield:

Viper suite works with multi-sensor board, be it Arduino DUE or Spark Photon with just plug and play method. It is the first shield which is compatible with Arduino and Spark Photon and comes with number of sensors and actuators. Aux ports are also included which enables use of any kind of sensors.




The Viper IDE:

The IDE is based on one of the most used open source text editor, Code Mirror which is based on browser. Several Viper specific tools have been added to it and is an extended version. It runs of Windows, Linux and Mac. It comes with features like multi-tab, boardsdetector, and an embedded serial console.


The Viper Virtual Machine:

Viper Virtual Machine (VM) is the core component of Viper. Once a VM is installed on any board, it has a multi-thread real-time operating system running on it which can be programmed through Python. Advanced features of Python like modules, classes, multi-threading, callbacks, times and exceptions are supported by Viper. Viper VM provides you hardware independence.

VIPER supports ARM architecture as it runs on top of CHIBIOS which is an embedded device operating system. It also supports TCP and UDP connections which enables the use of HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

To know more details about the product, click here. 


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