PrismTech Joins Forces With OpenFog Consortium To Enable Better Cloud Connectivity For IoT


PrismTech, better known for its software offerings related to distributed systems, announced that it had joined OpenFog Consortium. The primary objective of forming PrismTech was to enhance the usage of fog computing technologies using an open architecture that can quickly identify core technologies, distributed computing, storage, and networking. Some of the IoT players that came together to form OpenFog Consortium include names like Microsoft Corp, ARM, Dell, Cisco, Intel and Princeton University Edge Laboratory.


Fog Computing distributes the services and resources of communication, computation, storage and control. With the help of multiple deliverables like testbeds, whitepapers, etc., OpenFog Consortium is driving academic and industry leadership in fog computing.

The demand for IoT-led projects continues to increase, and the OpenFog Consortium looks forward to using proven approaches and existing standards to enhance the overall efficiency of these projects by reducing the time required to deliver these projects.

PrismTech’s expertise in the application of edge computing and fog computing technologies makes it an ideal choice to enable decisive edge to cloud connectivity for the internet of things. As a result of this partnership, it will be able to enable better cloud connectivity for IoT.

The senior management of OpenFog Consortium hopes that the expertise of PrismTech will help the organization grow and access many IoT-driven projects in the future. You can click here and know more about this partnership. Kole Calhoun Womens Jersey


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