Predixion Software And Wind River Come Together To Enable Real-Time Data Analytics


Wind River and Predixion Software have decided to adjoin hands to enable real-time data analytics for faster and better decision making.

With the help of its Machine Learning Semantic Model, Predixion Software has been able to get better analytical flexibility on the IoT network. To make things easier and more convenient for the customers, it announced at the Intel Developer Forum that it would partner with Wind Power. This partnership will help the company offering a hassle-free IoT platform to its customers.

As soon as the partnership becomes active, all the predictive applications created on the Predixion Insight will be managed and deployed on the cloud-based IoT platform of Wind River, Wind River Helix Device Cloud. This platform enables all the devices, sensors and machines to establish a secure connection to network infrastructure. Once it happens, customers can start analyzing data from multiple time windows and sources to act and predict future events.

According to Simon Arkell, CEO, Predixion Software, it’s necessary for the data to act close to edge and on real time basis during some critical situations. It will help the customers getting fast results through ongoing management and advanced analytics. This partnership with Wind River will help the company in achieving its objectives in an effective way.


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