Power Over Wi-Fi – The Latest Game Changing Technology


Power Over Wi-Fi, a system developed by the engineers at the University of Washington, has been shortlisted by Popular Science as one of the game-changing technologies of 2015 and awarded “Best of What’s New 2015” award. According to UW team, the technology prepared by them can power devices by using Wi-Fi router.


This technology gained highlights for the first time earlier this year when researchers announced via an online paper that could harvest enough energy from Wi-Fi technology to give power to a low-resolution grayscale camera,  temperature sensor, and a charger used for a Jawbone activity tracking bracelet.

The final paper will be presented at the CoNEXT 2015 conference organized by Association for Computing Machinery in Heidelberg, Germany next month.

The team behind this invention has also come up with another Wi-Fi device that cannot only work as a router but also as a power source and charge your devices.

With the evolution of machine to machine communication and IoT, many devices using smart sensors to facilitate uninterrupted communication, such as washing machines, smart coffee-makers, mobile devices, air-conditioners, etc. will pave their way into day-to-day lives. A technology like Power Over Wi-Fi can provide them extra power without being plugged into an external power source.

With this Power over Wi-Fi device, researchers could power up a low-resolution grayscale camera from as far as 17-feet away, enabling it to click photos every 35 minutes. Although the device can only harvest a low amount of data as of now, researchers are confident that it can go an extra mile.

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