ORBCOMM Launches Eleven Next Generation OG2 Satellites


ORBCOMM announced that it had launched 11 next generation OG2 satellites from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, which got separated from Falcon 9 launch vehicle and made their ways into the perfect insertion orbit successfully.

Company’s CEO, Marc Eisenberg, thanked all the partners and vendors for their uninterrupted support and cooperation, and team ORBCOMM for its continuous hard work and dedication. Without a proper team work, the second OG2 mission could never come to a successful conclusion, said Eisenberg.


The tech team will do an initial health-checkup, after which all the satellites will undergo a rigorous In-Orbit Training or IOT to ensure that all the subsystems are properly working. With the help of these satellites, ORBCOMM tends to provide Automatic Identification System and commercial M2M messaging within a short period of two months.

The OG2 satellites are far more advanced than the previous ones and can help the subscribers with large message size, fast message delivery, high network capacity and good coverage in remote areas. Find more about them here.

SpaceX’s Historical Feat

Elon Musk-led  SpeceX achieved a historical feat by launching and landing Falcon 9 rocket on Monday night. It was the first time when something like that had been done. SpeceX had never attempted to land a rocket in the past, which makes it the first successful attempt of the company in this direction.

With this successful landing attempt, the talks about creating reusable rockets have increased, which can make a trip to Mars feasible and space tourism affordable. You can click here and know more about SpaceX’s historic initiative.


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