Open-Silicon Announces IoT Gateway SoC Platform


Underscoring its commitment to the IoT market, Open-Silicon today announced the development of an IoT gateway SoC platform that enables complete Spec2Chip development of custom silicon solutions for emerging IoT gateway applications. This highly-integrated, fully-customizable IoT gateway platform is targeted for a wide variety of smart city gateway applications, such as lighting, metering and parking; traffic monitoring, management and surveillance; building automation and control; and industrial monitoring and control.


Open-Silicon’s IoT Gateway SoC Platform is the newest addition to the company’s IoT SoC platform portfolio, which includes the previously announced IoT Edge SoC Platform. Through partnerships with Atoll Solutions and Wirepas, Open-Silicon has successfully developed a highly integrated IoT SoC reference platform capable of addressing multiple solutions. Atoll provided the reference board and software expertise that enables the multitude of wired and wireless interfaces. Wirepas supplied the connectivity technology that enables the gateway to operate at 2.4 GHz and sub-GHz simultaneously over large distances, thereby enabling multiple IoT applications. These collaborative efforts have resulted in a reference platform that offers a modular design that is fully customizable to enable multiple solutions on a single gateway SoC, while reducing BOM costs and speeding time to market.

Open-Silicon’s IoT Gateway SoC Platform is based on a custom SoC powered by the ARM® multi-core Cortex®-A9 CPU, operating at 1 GHz, and featuring multiple hardware accelerators and high-speed interfaces. It also includes built-in security with a CPU offload engine, multiple RF and wireless mesh interface options, and headroom for edge analytics. Additionally, the platform enables ready-to-deploy customized applications.

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“Atoll Solutions is excited to be part of this collaboration to offer a customizable IoT gateway SoC reference platform targeted for smart city applications. This IoT gateway SoC platform, coupled with Atoll Solutions’ sensor nodes and customization services, provides customers with an opportunity to build scalable, cost-optimized and ready-to-deploy smart city solutions,” said Jithu Niruthambath, CEO of Atoll Solutions.

“We are very proud and happy to be part of this partner ecosystem. Our protocol for decentralized IoT connectivity enables unlimited scale and industrial-level reliability. This partnership is a true symbiosis of hardware and software. The end result is a fit-for-purpose solution for large-scale IoT,” said Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas.

“Our complete end-to-end IoT SoC platform portfolio enables efficient hardware and software partitioning, custom IP integration and device software development during custom SoC development for IoT Gateway and Edge devices,” said Vasan Karighattam, VP of engineering, Open-Silicon. “The key to creating cost effective custom silicon for the IoT will be the platform approach as it reduces risk, schedule and cost.”


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