Ooredoo Gives Maldives Its First Smart City


Ooredoo floated smart city initiative in Maldives with an objective to enhance the day to day lives of people. The internet has become an unavoidable necessity in today’s time, and Ooredoo seeks to use it to improve the living standards of the common public in Maldives. To initiate things, it has introduced Wi-Fi Hangout points at various prime spots such as ferry terminals, hospitals, cafes and youth center across the capital city.

Ooredoo promises to keep expanding its services in the course of time to ensure that people can access the internet from any location without any hassle. Along with improved internet connectivity, it will also offer free Wi-Fi internet at all major public utilities like hospitals, cafes, etc. As of now, people can use a maximum of 50 MB data each day under free Wi-Fi services.

It’s the first time when Ooredoo has taken any such initiative, so to make it large, the company has announced that users will be able to access free internet at all the Ooredoo Hangout spots for the month of September. Ooredoo presented many smart homes, smart schools, smart offices and smart surveillance system solutions and unveiled the opportunities that IoT and M2M could bring to this world.

It will continue experimenting as part of smart city initiative over the coming months to ensure a seamless experience.


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