Online Trust Alliance To Come Up With A Special Framework For IoT


The famed charity organization and industry group Online Trust Alliance has decided to float a special security framework that can help and guide manufacturers in creating secured IoT devices. The IoT Trust Framework is nothing more than a draft at present. Online Trust Alliance seeks the support of various companies to provide inputs and develop its content in an effective manner.

Internet of Things is the future of the technology world, but it’s not as secured and safe as it should be. According to reports, the world has witnessed many incidents of hackers hacking into sniper rifles, gas stations, electric skateboards, fridges, smart cars and baby monitors over the past few months. Such incidents confirm that there is a huge need for upgrading security standards in IoT devices for a safe future.

Many industry veterans including McAfee Antivirus Founder John McAfee have condemned the dearth of sound security measures in IoT devices. Similar concerns prompted the automobile players in the United States to come together and form an Information Sharing and Analysis Center that could look after the security of their IoT-based cars. Tyler Lockett Authentic Jersey


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