Online Trust Alliance Publishes Updated Security And Privacy Guidelines For IoT Devices


The Internet of Things has been in existence for a while, but still no regulatory framework is there to look after security and privacy issues that might occur. To deal with such issues in a hassle-free way, Online Trust Alliance has published updated guidelines that address security and privacy concerns. Now the biggest question is whether regulators approve these guidelines or not?

The draft published by Online Trust Alliance focuses mainly on these categories-

  • More transparency towards user on accessibility of information and privacy notice on processing data.
  • Putting limitations on data storage time and the number of users with whom data can be shared.
  • Individual’s right to control the processed data.
  • Proper security measures to protect data.

Online Trust Alliance is seeking industry and public comments on these points. The last date to submit the feedback is September 14, 2015. Once OTA receives feedbacks from users, it will make certain changes if needed. It will be great to see if regulatory authorities address these issues and take proper steps to ensure proper security and privacy in Internet of Things devices.


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