OMA Announces Free Hands On Training For Internet of Things Developers


OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) has announced a free hands-on workshop for all those developers who are actively working on products and services related to the internet of things. As per the reports, participants will get a sight of ARM mbed internet of things Device Platform that features FRMDM-K64F hardware tool of NXP during this event.


The workshop will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland on May 6, 2016. All those developers/marketers who want to learn about the internet of things hardware and software can register themselves as soon as possible.

During this one-day event, experts will guide the participants about deploying OMA Lightweight M2M client on the FRDM-K64F platform, managing various internet of things resources and interacting with OMA LWM2M Server. Interoperability and open innovation are integral elements for those who seek to realize the full potential of the internet of things. For that to happen, internet of things ecosystem should focus on deploying standardized protocols. In this series, OMA has developed an open standard with the help of LWM2M protocol, which will offer secure functionality and device management. Going forward, it will continue to make necessary improvements in the standard to ensure a world-class experience.

More details about the workshop and LWM2M protocol can be found here. Harry Giles Womens Jersey


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