Ofcom To Use 10 MHz of VHF Spectrum For IoT Based Applications


Ofcom wants the industry players to increase their participation in IoT field. With an objective to motivate companies to invest in IoT field, it urges to set aside a huge portion of existing spectrum.

According to reports, Ofcom is eying 10 MHz of VHF spectrum to power all the IoT applications that require an internet connection through wireless mode over long distances. It thinks that access to this range of spectrum can be useful for people, especially for those who are based out of rural or coastal parts of UK. As of now the frequencies are in 80.5-81.5 MHz, 70.5-71.5 MHz, and 55-68 MHz bands.

IoT can play a major role in UK’s agriculture sector, and can be used in applications like livestock, networking farm equipments, environmental sensing as well as fish farming. Ofcom is seeking inputs from experts from all walks of life about its 10 MHz suggestion. It has also opened a consultation regarding the same, which is going to close on November 12. The prime objective of Ofcom is to promote innovation in UK’s IoT field. It hopes that if the current suggestion is taken forward, IoT can be applied in different sectors in a hassle-free way.


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