Obama’s $160 Million Bet On Internet of Things And Smart Cities


The initiative to connect everything from everyone got support from the best – White House.

As per the reports, White House announced in a statement that it would start a nationwide campaign to increase the research, deployment and development of various IoT and Smart City projects. Some of the major highlights of this project are as follows-

  • The National Institute of Standards & Technology and National Science Foundation have agreed to fuel in $45 million in this campaign.
  • A group of five different federal agencies and departments will also add another$115 million.
  • Initially, 20 cities have agreed to adjoin hands with higher education institutions to facilitate the campaign.
  • Many corporate houses are likely to work on different levels to invent various IoT and smart city tools to support this campaign.

To execute this campaign successfully, The MetroLab Network has been given the charge of National Convener. It will look after the complete structuring of the campaigning. Among many other challenges, one that haunts the country the most is rain. It creates problems for grid and affect the overall productivity.

There are strong chances that this campaign might not show instant results, but it will certainly work as fuel in the fire and help the US taking IoT and smart city projects to all new levels in the near future.



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