Now Your Thoughts Can Control Your Smart Home


With the passage of time, the smart home concept is gaining more and more popularity among people. Each day new experiments are done to make things a little more beautiful, easier and hassle-free than ever before.

In this series, Eda Akman Aydin from Gazi University has decided to work on a new project focusing on developing smart home solutions for differently enabled people. She and her team have developed a system with the help of EEG cap. This system can easily detect any brain wave activity that comes into existence when a person intends to do any task.

To carry out her project successfully, she asked five volunteers to come forward and think about different smart home tasks based on images shown to them. At the end of the experiment, she could realize that all the volunteers executed their tasks with the help of thoughts. The system response was 95% accurate to 3 participants while 100% accurate for 2 participants.

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ECG cap is not the only way to create smart home solutions that can be controlled by human thoughts. As per the reports, Takeshi Ogawa of Advanced Telecommunication Research Institute based out of Kyoto, Japan, has also started working on a complicated method named functional near-infrared spectroscopy. This method allows the scientists to measure the light passing through human blood vessels that are located close to the brain to check which of them are using oxygen. Although results received by Ogawa were 80% accurate, they took as much as 20 seconds to respond to any action.

Researchers are working hard to improve the results of these methods to offer a permanent smart home solution to all the differently enabled people.


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