Nokia To Acquire Digital Health Leader Withings S.A. To Expand Market Share


Nokia has announced plans to acquire Withings S.A. as part of its initiative to expand into the digital health sector. Withings is a world renowned brand in the connected health revolution. It owns a broad range of digital health related services and products that motivate people from all over the world to live healthier, happier and productive lives.


The senior management team of Nokia is delighted to announce this update. One of the officials said that Nokia had been trying to enter the digital health field for a long time, and nothing could be better than acquiring a brand like Withings. With this initiative, Nokia has taken one step further towards positioning itself as an Internet of Things leader.

A recent study done by WHO suggests that the cases related to health issues like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular, etc. are growing at a massive pace. Based on this data, healthcare is expected to one of the fastest growing verticals in the Internet of Things market.

Nokia believes that Withings’ products are smart and services valuable. It shares the same vision as Nokia, which makes it a perfect strategic alliance. You can click here and know more about this deal. Kevon Looney Womens Jersey


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