Nokia Networks And SK Telecom To Conduct Joint Research In NB-IoT Communication Technology


In an attempt to keep abreast with the ongoing internet of things technologies related developments, SK Telecom has decided to sign an MOU (memorandum of association) with Nokia Networks to conduct joint research in narrowband IoT NB-IoT communication technologies.


Under the terms of this MOU, both Nokia and SK Telecom will jointly work towards developing NB-IoT that uses a bandwidth not more than 0.2 MHz compared to LTE that requires a minimum of 1.4 MHz bandwidth. NB-IoT is a sought after narrowband radio technology designed for IoT. At present, it is being standardized and molded by none other than 3GPP standards body.

NB-IoT will maximize the usability and efficacy by supporting the transmission of small data among multiple devices without using excessive energy. Reports claim that this technology can be made available for deployment by using resource blocks within an ordinary LTE carrier through a proper upgrade.

These two industry leaders will also work towards developing diverse use cases and other key technologies that use NB-IoT.  At a time when every large tech and telecom company is trying to adapt internet of things technologies, this invention can earn both of them a significant place in IoT industry.

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