Nokia Launches New Analytics And LTE Technology, Shifts Focus To Service Quality And Smart Cities


Nokia is slowly shifting its focus to futuristic technologies, such as IPTV and smart cities, and coming up with new offerings to live up to users expectations.

In a recent press release, it announced that it would launch two unique analytics capabilities for operators so that they can maintain highest quality IPTV service. With this launch, Nokia would strengthen its position in the network analytics field.  The new Capacity Advisor for Nokia Performance Manager can effectively analyze the past and present network usage to predict the network capacity that operators will require maintaining the growth rate while launching a new marketing or service campaign.


Operators can change the scenarios as and when they want to ensure users have a good experience. Using Nokia Service Quality Manager for IPTV, operators can identify various issues and fix them 50% faster than the standard scenario. It not only saves their time but also improves overall user experience as well.

LTE Technology Demonstration

Nokia showcased Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic Management concept at the UAE Drones for Good Award event in Dubai using LTE technology to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles safely. Reports claim that governments, network operators and public safety authorities can easily control and monitor drones using LTE technology.

Various industries like logistics, healthcare, news, agriculture and entertainment have started using drones, but they are yet to implement LTE technology to get access to all the benefits that can be derived from them. Nokia’s LTE solution for drones comes with following features:

  • Mobile Edge Computing Platform
  • Drones equipped with GPS, LTE dongles and access modules
  • Determining various components to establish no-flight zones, control flight path and transfer data from one unit to another in a hassle-free manner.
  • Mobile app for UTM interface and UAV pilot.

Nokia has many more plans to monetize this offering in an efficient manner over the next few years. You can click here and read more about it. Joe Pavelski Authentic Jersey


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