Nissan And Etisalat Join Hands To Deploy First Connected Car In The Middle East


To make the most in the connected car segment, Nissan has joined hands with telecom operator Etisalat, so that it can deploy the first connected car in the Middle East. With the grand launch of Nissan SmartCar application during the notable Dubai International Motor Show 2015, both the companies kick started connected car ecosystem in the Middle East.


The car owners don’t have to pay anything extra to get this feature that enables them to stay in touch with different communities while on the go.

How does It work?

Once the users download this app, they can easily control their car virtually. Some of the features include remote controlling car locks, windows, headlights, horns and air-conditioning. With the help of this app, users cannot only lock their cars from a remote location but also cool it down before start driving.

Features such as GLONASS, GPS and GSM M2M Technology, help the users track their cars with a press of a button in case they are stolen.  All the new  Nissan Maxima 2016 and Nissan Patrol 2016 will be equipped with this feature and provide users world-class convenience and theft-protection.

A research study conducted by GSMA and SBD forecasts that global connected car market will be worth $39 billion in next two years. With “Nissan SmartCar” application, both Nissan and Etisalat can rule this market single handedly.


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