Nine UK Universities Join Forces To Bring About A New £23 Million IoT Hub Project


Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, announced an innovative IoT Hub project valued over £23 million in the UK. The project is a part of government-led IoTUK program, which focuses on bolstering connected technologies in the United Kingdom.

In Vaizey’s opinion, the government aims to make the UK a leading country in the internet of things field, and the support of these nine leading universities will pave the way for this transformation. The list makes room for prestigious educational institutions like UCL, the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, the University of Warwick, the University of Southampton, Lancaster University, the University of Surrey, Cardiff University and the University of Edinburgh.


These universities will lend their support in association with 47 public and industry sector partners. The project named ” PETRAS IoT Hub” will primarily focus on five key areas: safety and security, privacy and trust, governance and policy, standards, harnessing economic value and adoption & accessibility. As part of the early stage practices, experiments related to day-to-day IoT security practices and low power body implants and sensors will be carried out at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The future belongs to the technology that can make physical objects interact with each other without any manual interruption. Before that state is achieved, proper measures to strengthen the confidence and trust in the way IoT works should be taken. The UK government believes that this initiative will help it achieve desired results in the coming months. You can click here know more about PETRAS IoT Hub. Rob Sims Authentic Jersey


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