New Wi-Fi Chip Set of NASA Is Set To Improve Life of Smart Tech Battery


The world has come from Nokia 1110 to Apple Smart Watch over the past ten years or so, but one thing that has remained intact over this time is the fear of battery getting dead. Companies have been able to extend the size of smartphones, boost up their memories, but they haven’t been able to come up with batteries that don’t run out of power daily.

The situation is even worse in smart watches that are loaded with excellent features, yet fail to offer a good battery life. However, NASA understands this struggle of tech users quite well. It has come up with a new chipset that is capable of enhancing the signal capacity and transfer speed as well as reducing the energy speed in smart wearables.

It’s the result of unique collaboration between University of California and NASA. Mau-Chung Frank Chang and Adrian Tang developed a chip set that can address some of the very common yet important issues in smart watches.

The duo claims that this chipset cuts the power use up to 100X, resulting into an extended battery life. If everything falls in line, unexpected battery discharge problems in smart watches will soon be gone.


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