New Sensor Packed Smart Contact Lens of Google Use Solar Power


Google is one of the very few companies that invest its funds and resources in a host of projects varying from health care to transportation, medical, IT and wearable devices. A media report says that the new smart contact lens that Google’s working on may use solar power to run whenever it’s launched in the future.


According to Quartz, Google got the patent for this futuristic product done in March 2015. The internet giant doesn’t want to depend on traditional energy sources to power its new invention. It will be easy for people wearing these smart lens to look up towards the sun to charge their smart contact lens for a few hours. Although the concept sounds unrealistic as of now, Google’s working on it round the clock.

This lens will be used to track the blood alcohol and temperature, as well as allergens present in the air. As soon as the lens detects this information, it will send it to any connected device, such as a smartphone. The report says that it can turn sun light, camera flesh, bulb light, etc. in energy and get charged.

Google in association with University of Virginia is actively working on self-powered wearable devices that can use solar power, body heat and body motion as power sources.


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