New Regulatory Arrangements Make It Easy For M2M Operators to Access Spectrum


Henceforth, operators of M2M communication links that are used in IoT will find it easy to access the spectrum, thanks to the newly proposed changes to regulatory arrangements.

Most of the IoT and M2M gain access to the spectrum via Australian Communication and Media Authority’s class licensing regime. As soon as the proposed changes are regularized, a technical barrier to the operation of NLPW (narrowband low powered wireless) networks in the Radio-Communications Class License 2015 in 5.8GHz, 2.4GHz, and 900MHz bands is likely to be removed. They support a host of applications ranging from industrial control, security system, smart metering, sensor networks and data telemetry.


ACMA believes that these changes will bring new innovative approach in IoT and M2M industries. Regularizing these changes is a part of ACMA’s initiative to introduce IoT developments in different parts of Australia.

Apart from this, ACMA looks forward to adding new f-bands for radio-determination transmitters that can work as industrial sensors, building material analysis devices that can detect objects in floors and wall ceilings, and implementing in-ground ultra-wide bandwidth transmitters for smart parking management.

You can know more about these regulatory arrangements by clicking here.


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