New Modem of Zoom Telephonics Receives Certificate For 14.4MBPS by FCC


At a time when technology has become a vital part of everyone’s day-to-day life, companies are racing to enhance their offerings. In this series, Zoom Telephonics announced that it has received a certificate from FCC for coming up with cellular modem offering data speed up to 14.4MBPS which could be of immense help in the field of IoT.

Zoom is a well-known name in the field of modems and gateways manufacturing. As per the reports, Zoom’s new model 4575 14.4 Mbps cellular modem has received FCC 15B and PTCRB certifications. It’s now looking forward to submitting this modem to At&T to figure out if there’s any opportunity that both the companies can explore.

It’s going to be the first product of Zoom under its new ZoomCell cellular modems line that would come out in the market this year supporting At&T and other data service providers. The company is planning to launch three different modems – with 3.6 Mbps speed, 14.4 Mbps speed and 100 Mbps speed. Each of these models will be equipped with USB and serial ports, a micro-SIM slot, a 30-pin header to facilitate plug-in to a motherboard and a high-performance power supply. All three models will come with built-in Qualcomm cellular radio technology and FCC 15C certified Huawei LGA module.

Zoom looks forward to launching many other low-cost modems down the line.



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