NetComm Wireless Floats 4G WiFi M2M Router In US Market


NetComm Wireless has announced the launch of 4G Wi-Fi M2M Router certified by Verizon Wireless in the United States. The newly launched NTC-140W-01 4G Router brings the excellent speed, coverage and performance of the largest 4G network of the country to the market where huge data volume and super fast speed is required.

NetComm is initially targeting smart buildings, digital displays, emergency response, remote healthcare, business backup, etc. The NTC-140W-01 4G, designed to offer excellent data connectivity in urban as well as remote locations, can easily migrate machines and devices from 2G to 4G LTE.  A certificate of quality and performance from Verizon Wireless is good enough to show how efficient this device is.

According to David Stewart, MD & CEO, NetComm Wireless, Verizon invested over $10 billion to improve its network quality in the United States. It’s great to bring that improved quality to customers with the help of NTC-140W-01 4G Router.

A noted feature of this router is that when it is taken outside 4G zone, it automatically starts working on 3G network and turns back to 4G as soon as it finds a suitable network. Due to this feature of NTC-140W-01 4G Router, customers don’t have to waste any time when they are in remote areas where there is no 4G connectivity.



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