myDevices Floats First Customizable Platform For End-To-End IoT Services


myDevices, better known for its innovative Internet of Things solutions, announced the launch of its first IoT platform. The new Internet of Things platform combined with its world-class services focuses on those companies that support, manufacture or sell IoT devices across the globe.

As reported by Businesswire, it puts together a host of analysis, data collection and engagement tools at the backend with consumer facing front end, to help companies evolve their products and services as well as customer service at the same time. It not only collects useful information about the devices that consumers are using but also suggests the best way to deal with various issues occurring from time to time.

Total components shipped on myDevices platform account for more than 100 million connected devices. Kevin Bromber, Chief Executive Officer, myDevices says, “Businesses want to make the best use of Internet of Things to uplift themselves, but they don’t know the exact way to do it.”

The newly launched IoT platform will guide IoT-focused business to get the best out of the Internet of Things market. Be it sensors or appliances, smartphones, wearables, PCs, Raspberry Pis, home products and Arduinos, this platform integrates with all the existing IoT based solutions in an easy and hassle-free way.

It’s up for grabs in the market. People interested in knowing more about it can browse the official website at


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