MultiTech Comes Up With New Technology Information Hub For LoRa Community


MultiTech Systems Inc. has decided to launch a new technology called information Hub as part of its initiatives in LoRa protocol. LoRa (LoRaWAN) is a wireless technology that focuses on enabling cost-effective data communication made over long distances by actuators and sensors for IoT and M2M applications.


The company is working on developing a new site that will provide insights from customers, advancements in LoRa technologies, upcoming LoRa events, news from the LoRa Alliance, emerging network architecture and links to numerous relevant sites.

The most important reason for LoRa Technology’s popularity for many applications is its ability to cater to low power applications and battery operated sensors. It is also good at long range connectivity, which gives it an edge over others. The new LoRa Hub is a perfect go-to site for sharing information among adopters, early users, and many other LoRa front lines.

What is LoRa Alliance

LoRa is an open and not for profit Alliance which was first launched during Mobile World Congress 2015, which wrapped up not long ago. MultiTech and many other Internet of Things service providers supported this alliance at an early stage and participated in many committees. The prime objective of this alliance was to standardize LPWAN for IoT, M2M, industrial and smart-city applications. This standardization is a step closer in the direction of interoperability which is critical in driving IoT.

Multitech will keep publicizing its initiatives in the same field from time to time.



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