Mozilla To End Firefox Development, Will Focus On Internet of Things


Mozilla has shocked its users by announcing that Firefox would soon go down. The decision has been taken with an objective to shift the focus towards connected devices and internet of things marketplace. Mozilla announced its decision by sending an email to all the users.


Here are top highlights of the mail sent by the company-

  • Mozilla will soon launch the version 2.6 of Firefox for smartphone users. After this release, the development of Firefox will stop
  • The last date to submit any application to Mozilla for Firefox is March 29, 2916. After this, the company will stop accepting any submission for desktop, Android, and tablet.
  • As of now, the team responsible for connected device segment is testing a new innovation process. Three products have already been passed, and many more are there in the pipeline. Going forward, Mozilla will start working on multiple products at the same time. The window for non-staff submissions will open within next few months.
  • Mozilla will continue the ongoing foxfooding in the future as well. However, it will take another few weeks to determine the design of this program, Mozilla hopes that the new Sony Z3C foxfooding devices will be useful in the foxfooding program.

IoT is the future of the technology world, and Mozilla doesn’t want to miss out any opportunity in this fast growing industry. Shutting down Firefox marketplace will help the company focusing solely on the internet of things. You can read more about this decision of Mozilla hereMarvin Jones Jr Womens Jersey


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