Morpho Agrees To Sponsor IoT Forum Focusing On Mobile Device Mayhem In Silicon Valley


Internet of things continues to garner more and more attention around the globe. Silicon Valley, being the hottest startup hub in the world, houses many IoT-focused businesses, which have the potential to transform the way IoT is perceived today. To inspire more IoT-focused practices, Morpho has agreed to sponsor the internet of things forum of Telecom Council of Silicon Valley – Mobile Device Mayhem (MDM).


Reports claim that the event will take place on February 4, 2016, at the well-known Allied Arts Guild, Menlo Park, California. Morpho announced in a recent official statement that its representatives would be present at the venue to clarify customers’ doubts about IoT and showcase company’s offerings, such as next generation SIM cards, biometrics, embedded digital and security ID.

It’s not the first time when Morpho has taken such an initiative to spread the word about the internet of things and how it can transform lives. On many occasions in the past, it has backed the idea that IoT will rule the tech world just like mobiles did in the communication field. Experts claim that over 20 billion IoT devices will make their ways to the world by 2020; hence, more and more such events should take place.

World leaders like Apple, Google, Intel, Amazon, etc. have already backed IoT and now with Morpho joining hands with Telecom Council of Silicon Valley to work on their IoT forum, things look a lot shinier and clearer than they did in the past. You can click here and read more about what Morpho has to say about it. Chris Terry Jersey


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