MIT Researchers Have Developed This New Augmented Reality App That Lets You Connect Physical Objects Digitally


Scientists at MIT have developed a technology that lets users connect all the physical objects digitally. From your smartphones to cars, home appliances and computers, most of the objects can be connected virtually with the help of Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, Infrared, etc., but this new augmented reality app is a step ahead from all of them.


What’s Different?

What if you can point your phone’s camera to your radio or lamp, and its digital controls emerge on your smartphone’s screen empowering you to make certain changes at your will without moving an inch from your place.

Fluid Interfaces Group from MIT Media Labs- the brain behind this app called “Reality Editor” intends to replace the internet of things approach with a more secure and straightforward approach focusing on connected objects. The lead researcher of this study- Valentin Heun wants to decentralize the network.

The Internet of things and M2M communication focus on storing information of any device on cloud, so that the entire system can become 100 times more swift and responsive, but “Reality Editor,” on the other hand, focuses on storing all the instructions and functionality regarding information in that device itself. By this way, not only can the entire communication procedure be made faster than IoT-led communication, but also it can be made more secured and personalized.

You can read more about “Reality Editor” here.


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