MIT Professional Education Includes Internet of Things In Its Online Curriculum


MIT Professional Education announced an update that many tech enthusiasts had been waiting for a long period. It has come up with an online digital course on Internet of Things under the title “Internet of Things: Roadmap to a Connected World.” It’s going to kickstart from April 12, and will cover concepts like sensors, identification, localization, data storage, wireless protocols, and security.


The prime focus of this six-week long course is to educate technical professionals about Internet of Things applications, architecture, and research. With the passage of time, the demand for IoT will rise. According to a report, over 20 billion IoT-enabled devices will make their way into the market. MIT intends to be at the forefront of this transformative change.

Almost all the industries are trying to leverage IoT to get an edge over others. They require professionals who are technically sound and possess core knowledge of how the internet of things works. With this initiative, MIT looks to help these industries in an effective manner.

The course is led by 12 faculty members, including Sanjay Sarma, VP – Online Learning & Co-Chair of MIT Auto-ID Labs, Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor World Wide Web, and Daniela Rus, Director – CSAIL. Three of them will share their knowledge about emerging IoT technologies and how to apply them in the real world. MIT believes their knowledge and industry experience will help the participants big time.

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