MIT Designs Smart Band-Aid That Can Deliver Required Medicine To Skin Automatically


With Internet of Things and M2M communication becoming more and more popular nowadays, scientists are looking to invent devices that can make everyone’s life easy and hassle-free.


In this series, a group of researchers at MIT has designed what can be termed as the smart band-aid of Future. It’s made of a stretchy, sticky, gel-like material, and capable of incorporating LED lights, temperature sensors, and drug-delivering channels.

The “smart wound dressing” feature of this smart band-aid enables it to release appropriate medicine in relation to change in the skin temperature. It has been designed in such a way that if the medicine runs low, it can notify about the same to the user.

After smartphones, smart meters and smart cars, smart band-aid is another Internet of Things-focused invention that uses M2M communication to make human lives easy and hassle-free.

If this smart band-aid is applied to a wound on highly flexible areas like knee or elbow, it stretches with the body movements to ensure that the functional electronics doesn’t get stopped. Scientists have used hydrogel matrix in this smart band-aid to make it functional in different conditions.

You can click here and know more about this internet of things driven futuristic smart band-aid.


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