Mind Reading Headphone Will Improve Class Room Teaching


With increased resources and awareness, scientists are trying to develop a wearable that could improve overall teaching experience. According to reports, scientists are working on a headset that could easily read brain signals and give a proper response within a flash. It’s expected to hit the market within a few years’ time.

The announcement was made during the recent Adaptive Learning Summit of National Education Initiative. Among many other products, this headset will aim to improve the classroom training experience of children. When it comes to price, reports claim that it’s not going to be more than a basic laptop device.

The mind behind developing this idea is of Nish Sonwalkar, who is the CEO of intellADAPT and also the professional development chair at the MIT Club of Boston.  The report, first published by The Hechinger Report, claimed that Sonwalkar has the basic design of this headgear ready with him. He expects to finish this project within next few years.

Along with students, this headgear will also help teachers to improve their teaching pattern based on the understanding and thought process of their students.



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