Microsoft To Work With Axiomtek To Accelerate IoT Offerings

IoT partnership

Soon after Microsoft launched Azure IoT Hub for everyone, Axiomtek announced that its internet of things gateway product had received the Azure certification. Axiomtek is a sought after manufacturer and designer of high-performance industrial computer products.


Azure IoT Hubs has gained a lot of attention on the back of world-class IoT technology and support from Microsoft. This popularity has resulted in increased demand for Microsoft Azure certified products in the market. Through this, users can have a fair idea whether the products they use are compatible with Azure IoT Hub or not.

Axiomtek has been serving users for the past 26 years, and now it wants to take its services to the next level by expanding in internet of things field. Association with Microsoft will ensure that Axiomtek’s products are up-to-date and support one of the best IoT hubs (Azure) in the world. The management team of Axiomtek believes that Azure certification will help the company serve its customers in a hassle-free manner.

Microsoft Azure Certified ICO300 product is the first IoT solution launched by Axiomtek, and can accelerate business transformation with the help of internet of things. Businesses can use this solution for different M2M and IoT projects such as facility monitoring systems, power plant automation, and intelligent transportation systems.

Going forward, Axiomtek will launch many more Azure certified IoT products to deal with different issues in the market. You can click here and know more about ICO300 and other offerings of Axiomtek. Sheldon Richardson Authentic Jersey


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