Microsoft Expands Its Azure Cloud Platform, New Templates For Azure IoT Suite


Microsoft has announced a series of news around its Azure cloud platform, including new preconfigured templates for its world famous Azure IoT suite. The new Azure Container Service along with Apache Mesos will be in preview by the end of the year.


Reports claim that Microsoft will also support other container orchestration engines along with Azure Container Service to keep abreast with the global developments. According to a recent statement given by Azure Corporate Vice President Jason Zander, some other container orchestration engines that Microsoft looks forward to supporting make room for Google-backed Kubernetes, YARN and Docker Swarm.

Mesos is known for helping developers automating the operations and scheduling of application containers in peculiar environments. Zander said that Microsoft felt the need for a built-in Azure container service and found Mesos as the best option to take things ahead with. Windows Server containers lend support to Linux containers and will be available with Windows Server 2016. The new Azure IoT suite comes with a set of different modules, including a directory service provider hub for sensors and connected devices.

No confirmation about pricing has been given by the company, but it’s expected to be around $1.50 per device per month.


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