Microsoft Enters Connected Car Segment For The First Time After HARMAN Agrees To Join Forces


The ever increasing popularity of IoT and M2M has prompted Microsoft to enter the connected car segment for the very first time. It has collaborated with HARMAN to execute its plans, details of which were revealed during CES 2016.

HARMAN is best known for its leading connected technology for consumer, enterprise and automotive markets. It’s expected to help Microsoft initiate a successful start in connected car field. With increasing applications of internet of things and M2M technologies, connected car segment is poised to grow at an unbelievable pace in the near future, which has prompted major companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon to explore this field.


The new project with a primary focus on increasing driver productivity, will come up with a world-class mobile productivity service and utilize products related to telematics, cloud platforms and driver productivity to offer the best reliability, safety and convenience for drivers. It will also focus on implementing improved operating efficiency for auto manufacturers.

The best part of this collaboration is the integration of Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite into HARMAN infotainment systems. As a result of this integration through intelligent personal assistant software, drivers will be able to execute various tasks such as hearing and responding to emails, scheduling meetings, automatically joining conference calls, managing tasks and various events throughout the day without compromising their safety.

The combination of Microsoft and HARMAN’s world class technologies is expected to enhance the overall productivity as well as the driving experience.

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