Microsoft Azure IoT Suite Powers Up Cummins Power Generation


After the Hurricane Sandy had hit the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S a few years ago, millions of people suffered a great deal with no electricity at homes and offices. During this time, Cummins Power Generation executives came forward and offered a helping hand to people in the area. They provided about 400 generators and  30 miles of cable to support the cause; however, this initiative forced them to sleep on cots near the generators to ensure that things fell in line. Today, they can offer their services and keep up the power in the area without sacrificing their comfort and family life — all thanks to Microsoft Azure IoT Suite.


According to the information published on the official blog of Microsoft, Cummins tied hands with Avtex – a Minneapolis-based solution provider, and Microsoft to develop a remote monitoring solution called PowerCommand Cloud. It is capable of connecting tens of thousands of Cummins generator around the globe in order to provide greater visibility into how the device is performing. In case if any issue, it can automate the performance maintenance to maximize the uptime without affecting the overall performance.

The PowerCommand Cloud not only collects and analyzes real-time data from Cummins Generators, but from all other components, including sensors, transfer switches, and other ancillary devices. The web interface of this IoT solution informs all the homeowners, business owners and technicians if any performance related issue arises, and gets it resolved as soon as possible.


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