Microsoft And Lotus Formula One Adjoin Hands To Explore Internet of Things


“While addressing a press conference, Lotus Formula One CEO Thomas Mayer said that his team was able to gain smarter competitiveness after adding the business management tools provided by Microsoft to its day to day operations,” writes Korea Times.

He was at the Asia-Pacific headquarters of Microsoft in Marina Bay last week. According to him, the association with Microsoft has helped the Lotus Formula One to explore the internet of things field, which is all about technology. It’s been over three years since both the companies adjoined hands. Mayer calls it a game-changing decision of the company, which has helped it coming a long way since then. According to him, with Microsoft’s help, his company is now able to streamline data in real time and create any algorithm to solve day to day issues in a hassle-free way.

The racing giant has been using Microsoft’s MS ERP solutions software for about two and a half years and has received some great results in this time duration. Lotus Formula One has now started using supercomputers to control all the racing events.

Mayer is confident that this relation will help Lotus Formula One to achieve many great things in the future.


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