Microchip MOST50 Networking Devices Continue To Power Toyota Vehicles


Microchip Technology Inc. announced that its MOST50 INICs (Intelligent Network Interface Controllers) would continue to power the infotainment system of Alphard executive-lounge hybrid vehicles of Toyota. Both the companies have been associated for many years and look forward to maintaining this association for many more years. To take this association forward, Toyota will now use MOST technology that can facilitate top-quality digital audio streaming.

So far, over 170 million MOST devices have been installed in 191 different car models since 2001. As the MOST technology is field-proven, whole-system solution and carries low-risk, most of the luxury car brands use it to power infotainment system in their cars.

The new MOST50 INICs are equipped with Electrical Physical Layer, which can easily be used with Unshielded Twisted Pair copper wire and transform normal infotainment system into a high-end system that can transport audio, video, control and packet data throughout the vehicle. It allows end users to access the infotainment system in the easiest way possible and have a wonderful experience.

The senior management teams of both the companies are excited about this association. According to Dan Termer, VP – Automotive Information Systems Division, Microchip, it’s great to see Toyota using MOST50 technology in Alphard infotainment system. With Toyota’s decision to use MOST technology in its premium vehicles, the bond between both the companies has strengthened.

More information about the MOST technology can be found on the official website of Microchip.


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