Mercedes-Benz And Pivotal Come Together To Launch First Connected Car App


The increasing demand for connected car and devices and Forecasts of IoT covering over 50 billion devices by 2020, industry leaders want to make the best use of the opportunities. In this series, Mercedes-Benz has decided to team with Pivotal, so that it can bring connected car app to reality.


The announcement regarding this tie-up came from Pivotal’s end. As per the reports, Mercedes and Pivotal seek to provide deeper insights about driving experience through this connected car app. Not only will it provide information about vehicle’s vitals, but also enable the drivers to remote control auxiliary heating, open and close the door lock, navigation tool via Apple Watch and iPhone and many other never-before-heard features.

With the launch of Mercedes me app, the automobile leader will secure a prominent position in increasingly connected device world as well. It’s not the first time when Mercedes has decided to do something related to digitalization of automobile technology. It has been testing different techniques from time to time. Mercedes has decided to work on a couple of goals, such as making all the company vehicles emission-free by 2020, enable autonomous driving and excellent internet connectivity in cars.

Launching this app is another step towards fulfilling these goals.


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