MediaTek Presents New IoT Starter Kit Powered By Amazon Web Services


MediaTek has launched a new Internet of Things starter kit with the help of Amazon Web Services. The starter kit, focusing on developers, comes with a host of Grove sensors from Seed Studio and MediaTek LinkIt ONE development board.


The Grove sensors can easily be plugged into LinkIt ONE, thereby facilitating developers to manage their sensor data in a secure way from their Internet of Things devices on the cloud service of Amazon.

Some of the Grave sensors included in this IoT starter kit make room for 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer, Light Sensor, Loudness Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Touch and Temperature Sensor. Apart from this,  a Grove Base Shield, 1.12-inch OLED Display and one LED Bar are also given to revamp the overall experience of developers.

The developers using this starter kit can communicate with their IoT devices over HTTP and MQTT.

MediaTek’s objective is to become one of the most sought after players in the Internet of Things industry that can offer various solutions focusing on creating development boards, connected services and sensors.

Both MediaTek and Amazon are excited about this association and hope to introduce many more solutions to help developers in IoT field.


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