Matrix- A Central System For Your Connected Smart Home: Now On Kickstarter


MATRIX, a sleek new device that serves as the centralized nerve center for the connected home and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, is aiming to raise $100,000 in 30 days through Kickstarter.

Providing the first standardized operating system for smart home automation, MATRIX enables consumers to consolidate multiple smart home applications and devices into one to reduce digital clutter, and it gives app developers a platform of pre-installed sensors, functionality and templates enabling them to launch and deploy new IoT apps with just seven lines of code and ensure compatibility across systems.


“One of the biggest challenges with the skyrocketing growth in IoT and smart home technologies is that nothing talks to each other—it’s one device to one application,” said Rodolfo Saccoman, CEO of AdMobilize, the company behind MATRIX. “That’s a problem because it means lots of clutter for consumers, which negates the simplicity that smart home is all about. It also forces developers to start from scratch in building new devices and apps, which costs millions of dollars and takes years, creating a huge barrier to entry, delaying time-to-market and access for consumers.”

MATRIX solves those problems by bundling both an operating system and numerous devices into a single, simple device, similar to the way the smartphone consolidated the camera, calculator, computer, clock, flashlight and more. On the back-end, the MATRIX OS is like iOS or Android for the smartphone, providing the operating ecosystem that powers the user experience and serves as a programming framework for developers.

Take a look at the campaign and help make MATRIX come to life.


  1. Great article Arun and thanks for the support! If anyone has any questions about the MATRIX or our Kickstarter campaign feel free to comment or tweet me @mneel2.


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