Marvell Announces New 1000BASE-T1 Development Ethernet Ref. Platform


World’s leading cloud, storage and IoT solution provider Marvell announced its newest automotive Ethernet platform – 1000BASE-T1 equipped with TE Connectivity’s scalable connector and MATEnet modular. This new ref. platform comes with inbuilt support for audio video bridging switching solutions and 1000BASE-T1 Ethernet physical layer.


Using this platform, car manufacturers can easily prototype automotive systems with Gigabit Ethernet for E/E (electrical and electronic) architectures, including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, In-Vehicle Infotainment, Vehicle Domain Gateways and Electronic Control Units.

The senior management team of Marvell was delighted to announce the new platform and hoped that it would help the auto manufacturers creating world-class applications in a hassle-free way. The resilient data infrastructure and high-speed in cars coupled with advanced safety features have become the need of the hour. To implement all them in cars, auto manufacturers need an efficient development platform, and the new 1000BASE-T1 development Ethernet ref. platform can do the job in the best way possible.

The combination of Marvell’s sound network, TE’s experience and Ethernet expertise is likely to create the first automotive system offering 1000 MBPS connectivity. Reports claim that Marvell’s automotive platform is capable of providing 1000BASE-T1, 100BASE-T1 and 10/100/1000BASE-T1 Ethernet PHY ports equipped with high-end switching silicon. The platform comes with an inbuilt support for AVB networking standards of AVnu Alliance’s CDS.

The reference platform also makes room for 88Q1010 100BASE-T1 PHY and 88Q2112 100BASE-T1 PHY transceivers, 88EA1512 10/100/1000BASE-T PHY transceivers and 88EA6352 automotive grade AVB 7 port switch. The 88Q2112 transceiver is the first and only 1000BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet PHY transceiver in the industry that complies with IEEE 802.3bp 1000BASE-T1 standard.

The need to transfer Ethernet data up to 1Gbit/s in the automotive ecosystem is increasing at a fast pace, and TE’s scalable connector and MATEnet modular can fulfill this requirement. Both the companies look forward to carrying out a fantastic commercial tie-up. You can click here and read more about this ref. platform. Ben Lovejoy Authentic Jersey


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