M1 Sets In Motion Its New M2M Platform & Solutions


M1 floated its new M2M (Machine-To-Machine) platform named M1 M2M Connect. While addressing the audience during the launch event at St. Regis Hotel, M1 spokesperson mentioned that M1 Limited was looking forward to partnering with a number of technology providers to offer smart solutions for sectors like retail, transport, security and healthcare.


M1 M2M Connect Makes Life Easy & Hassle-Free

The future belongs to Internet of Things and M2M communication, and this new platform of M1 is its one step towards the goal of becoming a leading connected device player in the market.

With M1 M2M Connect, corporate users can easily monitor, manage and control their connected devices from their smartphones and computers in a hassle-free way. Along with virtual control over all the connected devices, M1 M2M Connect will also help users set business rules, modify them, initiate troubleshooting and do all sorts of high-end tasks in a convenient way.

Market experts forecast that there will be more than 30 billion connected devices in the world by the end of 2020, which makes it the perfect timing for the launch of M1 M2M Connect.

Some of the other lucrative IoT-based solutions that were showcased by M1 and its partners at the launch event included smart healthcare monitoring solutions and use of drones for security reasons.


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