Lunatic Volcano Explorer Building Industrial IoT Application To Predict Eruptions


Technology has reached a level from where it can warn humanity about natural calamities and save thousands of lives. It’s been happening for decades now. However, there are still a few things that are beyond technology’s reach. A volcanic eruption, for example.

What if scientists come up with a technology that can predict volcanic eruptions? Wouldn’t it be an extraordinary way of dealing with volcanoes that otherwise look impossible to track and handle? It would be. Thanks to the industrial IoT application that scientists have finally come up with a solution like this.


According to GE Reports, Sam Cossman, a volcano explorer from Nicaragua is testing a digital early warning system based on GE Digital’s cloud-based platform Predix for volcanic eruptions. Cossman’s sensor system is likely to be planted within Masaya Volcano, and will predict eruptions well in advance so that the nearby businesses and residents can make necessary arrangements if the need arises.

It’s not the first time when industrial IoT has been applied in such projects; however, if Cossman’s system gets through initial hurdles, it’ll be first of its kind. This experiment is a perfect example showing that industrial internet of things can be used in many other critical projects than just mechanical assets or production lines.

As soon as Cossman places around 80 of these sensors in the volcano, data scientists will be able to create their digital twins that can easily simulate the conditions within the Masaya. Although the sensors are not more than 3-4 inches in size, Cossman wants to make sure that they can withstand the extreme temperature in Masaya without any hassle.

He believes that a successful execution of his plan In Masaya will open the door for scientists to predict volcanic eruptions in other parts of the world as well. More details about this Industrial IoT application can be found hereDerek Wolfe Jersey


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