LTE Gets Standards For Use In Machine-2-Machine


The international body in charge of LTE has decided to standardize a version of LTE for Internet of Things field to ensure a hassle-free service delivery. The step is aimed at improving its quality of services against other rival service providers that connect low power equipment like industrial sensors and parking meters.

Last week, a workshop was organized in Phoenix, during which the members of 3GPP decided to define a standard for NarrowBand IoT. As per the reports, these standards will be based on the leading global cellular system but will equally support battery operated devices that send information in small bundles.

NB-IoT is one of the many technologies developed with a prime focus on low speed and long reach, a key component of IoT field. Many industrial pieces of equipment like sensors are set up in remote locations where frequent visits aren’t possible. This technology can be the one-stop solution in such projects.

According to Machina Research, over 1.5 million devices will be connected to this low-power wide-area network by 2020. Vendors like Nokia, Ericsson, Intel, etc. have already revealed their intentions to explore LPWA network, which is a good sign for IoT field. 3GPP looks forward to coming up with many such solutions to address the requirements of IoT field in the coming months.



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