Low-Power WAN (LPWAN) To Replace Traditional Mobile Network Standard For IoT And M2M


In a recent report, Beecham Research unveiled that Internet of Things and M2M communication would shift to low-power wide area networks over mobile grids. The cellular networks present in today’s time have a lot of limitations, which are yet to be exposed. The report says that it won’t take more than five years before these limitations will begin to hurt and force the network providers to shift to LPWAN.

Beecham research

Beecham Research’s latest report titled “Low power wide area networks for IoT applications market report and forecast” focuses on the importance of LPWANs in the future. The report forecasts that LPWAN will end the monopoly of mobile network providers by covering more than 345 million connections or 25% of the total IoT connectivity market by 2020.

LPWAN come with longer range, lower power requirements and lesser cost than a mobile network, which is why they will be easy to integrate into swiftly emerging IoT and M2M market a few years down the line.

According to David Parker, Senior Analyst at Beecham, LPWAN are nothing less than the most dynamic and game-changing development in the IoT sector at present. They have the potential to change the way IoT industry works forever.

More about LPWANs can be read here.



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