LOGIX ITS India’s Astounding Entrance into Intelligent Traffic and Parking Solutions


Logix ITS, a division of North American company Logix Group began operating in India in January 2016. Logix Group is a leader in traffic and parking solutions across the world. Logix ITS India made its debut in India by installing the first ever speed radar signs at Delhi Airport & JLN Marg, Jaipur.  The company offers Intelligent Traffic and Parking solutions, which are vital tools to improve driver awareness, enforce speed limits, and help cities gather and manage data on driver behaviour.logix2logix1



Logix ITS encompasses two individual companies: Traffic Logix and Parking Logix. Traffic Logix offers solutions to improve safety and slow cars on local streets while Parking Logix aims to improving parking accessibility and streamline the parking process for lot owners and parkers.

Logix ITS made its first trade show appearance at the 2nd annual Smart City Expo earlier this month in Pragati Maidan, Delhi. The Logix ITS booth was busy with over a hundred enthusiastic visitors, curious and interested in the smart solutions the company is introducing to the Indian market.  Many private companies and government officials expressed their interest in developing India’s parking and safety infrastructure by installing Logix ITS solutions at various locations.  People were particularly intrigued by the solutions’ ability to not only control unnecessary rash driving and direct drivers to available parking spots but to also provide interactive data on an up to the minute basis.

Mr. Prashant Mathur, the Director of Logix ITS in India also provided an enlightening presentation at the Expo about the need and utilization of traffic safety and parking solutions in India.

Some of the solutions offered by Logix ITS India include SafePace speed radar signs, which help to track vehicle speed and alert drivers to encourage them to slow down. The signs include the ability to gather and analyze data such as how many cars have passed at what speed and what time. This data can be valuable in knowing when and where speeding is a concern. Parking solutions include the OpenSpace solution, which let drivers know when and where parking spots are available to avoid needless circling in the search for parking spots.

Logix ITS will soon be launching speed cameras as well, which will help to track violators and capture license plates of vehicles for further enforcement.

For more information about Logix ITS and the innovative parking and traffic solutions the company brings to the Indian market, write them at India@logix-works.com or contact # (+91) 124 2576990. Kareem Martin Jersey


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