KPN Announces New Network Lora KPN For Internet of Things Growth


KPN unveiled a new IoT network called Lora KPN that’s essential for the growth of the Internet of Things. It has already been made available in Rotterdam and  Hague. Once the initial tests are finished, KPN will also make it available in the remaining parts of Netherlands as well. With the help of Lora KPN, millions of IoT-based devices can be made power-friendly and cost effective.


Insight & Effect

Lora KPN works well with existing 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, and can eliminate some of the common barriers, such as over-consumption, cost, and energy from the IoT devices. It makes devices use low frequency, thereby wide range, and fewer data to facilitate seamless communication.

Safe, Stable & Durable

These are three major elements of Lora KPN network. It uses different KPN data centers to ensure that local network failure doesn’t affect the communication ever. Apart from this, it encrypts the date, thereby ensuring complete data privacy.


Lora KPN uses an open network standard called LoRaWAN, which is very easy to adopt for business as well as consumer applications. Apart from KPN, Lora has also partnered with other leading companies like Semtech, Actility, Cisco, Swisscom and Proximus to ensure that maximum applications can use its network.

It’s a wonderful network enabling seamless IoT based communication in a hassle-free way. You can click here to know more about Lora KPN.


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