KNEWRON Launched 1btn Which Is Open Source Wi-Fi Connected Device


As the Internet of Things is expanding, we are seeing an unfortunate trend: the increasing use of smartphones to control IoT applications. We think it is quite limiting to use smartphone as a solution to every problem. Think of all the steps you need to take to send a single instruction with a smartphone: find the phone, wake it up or power it up, enter your pass code, keep swiping until you find and start up your smart app, select the appropriate control, activate it, and then put the phone back.


Folks at KNEWRON thought that there’s a better way, a tried-and-true, more intuitive way, to activate a single task or function, and that’s with a button. Why are buttons such a great idea? A button is the simplest user interface for a single-repetitive-programmable task. More importantly, buttons are easy-to-understand, they are familiar, intuitive, and provide immediate, satisfying physical feedback when pushed.

They introduced an open source wifi connected device – 1btn (one button) which uses the internet to complete a task with the simple, satisfying click of a single button. 1btn connects to the internet over Wi-Fi to trigger whatever action you have assigned to it using a simple, online interface. One click, one task. It’s that simple.


Unlike many other “Internet of Things” devices, 1btn does not maintain a continuous connection to the internet. Instead, it sleeps until pressed, and then it connects to the internet, performs the assigned task, tells you the outcome via its multi-colored LED, and then returns to rest.

There are other, similar web-enabled controllers out there, and 1btn stands apart from them in a number of important ways.

Team KNEWRON has launched a crowd funding campaign on Crowd Supply last week with an unusual monetary goal of $1. You can read more about the 1btn and support the campaign by pre-booking your 1btn at

KNEWRON said that, their main objective is to validate and increase the adoption of the product by seeking maximum number of pledges, when asked about idea behind $1 goal.

1btn is a creation of KNEWRON Technologies – a group of geeks with a lot of zeal for using technology and solve real world problems. KNEWRON is a global hardware and turn-key solutions design house for connected devices, intelligent systems, and applications for Internet of Things devices for industrial and commercial markets. Tyler Myers Authentic Jersey



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