Jasper partners with RCom in India and TrueMove H in Thailand


Jasper, a worldwide leader in Internet of Things (IoT) platform which cuts across industries with its single platform is making partnerships with telecom companies in Asia. In a span of 1 week, Jasper has announced partnerships with Reliance communications in India and subsequently with TrueMove H in Thailand.

In India, the focus of the RCom-Jasper partnership will be to enable Leading enterprises launch and monetise their IoT business. Announcement of this partnership at the time when India is taking its first steps towards Smart cities is a well-timed move and can extract a great share of the IoT pie revenue wise.

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In Thailand, TrueMove H and Jasper’s partnership offers a similar value to the enterprises looking to implement IoT solutions across any industry. The rate at which IoT is being adopted by various businesses and industries, it is the right time for such partnerships.

In the next couple of years as the demand for IoT increases, many such partnerships will form to address the requirements of the market. While telecom operators play a very critical role in the whole equation, the hardware and software providers also are an equally important pillars in the eco-system.

While the ecosystem is still developing and business models of IoT are still developing, it remains to be seen as to who will take the centre-stage in the IoT ecosystem.



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